Libby Gibbons demonstrated dedication when she continued to keep trying while working on an art project that used a hole puncher. She tried for a whole class period to punch a hole, and wasn’t able to make a hole … yet! The next time she had class, she kept at it. Carey DeMent, seeing Libby struggle, offered to help and shared with her some new ways to hold the hole puncher so it would be easier for her. Working together, they were successful!


Mrs. Brown’s class has a classmate that lost a grandmother in April. The entire class has shown compassion and love towards this classmate through such a difficult time. We are proud of these students for being supportive and showing such kindness to this special friend. It is evident that Mrs. Brown’s class has come together this year to build a special community.

First Grade

Recently in Ms. Brown’s art class, students were learning a super hard skill: sewing! There were three students who showed great dedication and kept trying, even though they haven’t been successful … yet! They are Anna Belle Shaw, Ben Banta, and Reyna Williams, and all three received Character Tree stickers for showing “dedication: never give up will see you through!”

Second Grade

After Math Workshop rotations conclude, second graders always have a lot of math manipulatives to pick up before heading outside to PE. Last week they were exploring fractions using pattern blocks and the whiteboard table was covered with colorful polygons. The students eagerly lined up for PE; without cleaning the pattern blocks. Owen Morrison demonstrated responsibility when he quickly jumped out of line and helped his teacher clean up by reorganizing all of the pattern blocks. Mrs. Coffey was very appreciative of his help!

Third Grade

Students are spread out around the classroom during Skills time in third grade. The listening center always has a lot to pick up including the books, the iPod, and the chairs. Tristan Beckett was not in the listening center, and had already put away the book he was reading and was waiting for the class to be ready for the next activity. Once he noticed that the listening center students needed some extra help getting picked up, he jumped right in to help! Great job showing responsibility!

Fourth Grade

During a science lesson with Mrs. Zinn’s class, Cole Rogers went above and beyond for a classmate. His friend went to the restroom during a lesson, and without being asked, Cole took double notes so that when his friend returned he would not have to take the time to catch up and miss out on more. What an impressive act of kindness!

Addisyn Rhodes was accountable and communicative in speaking up when she saw a peer do something that she knew might have a negative impact on others.  It takes courage to step up in these moments and we are proud of Addisyn for making a positive difference when this occurred.

Shirley Yang demonstrated compassion when she helped a classmate who had dropped a large stack of library books. Shirley quickly ran over and helped her friend to gather the books together and then she helped him carry them back to class. Great job, Shirley!

Fifth Grade

Eden Munster is a humble leader.  She demonstrates daily how leaders effectively support others.  Eden recently helped a peer achieve success when she stood beside her as “moral support” during the morning announcements. Eden’s friend was nervous about completing the challenging task of greeting the entire Lower School over the loudspeaker, and Eden’s calming and supportive presence gave her just the encouragement she needed.  

James Parker continues be a responsible citizen-leader by choosing to take on the task of  properly putting away “abandoned” Chromebooks and organizing our three 5th grade Chromebook carts. Thank you, James for helping to keep our 5th grade center organized and our Chromebooks stored safely.

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