Image result for ravenscroftEvery Raven, Every Day.

That is a powerful and important call to action, and one that captures our commitment in Lower School to nurturing the individual potential of our students so they can be the best version of the themselves each and every day.

We value the unique journey of all our Ravens and understand the importance of embracing the whole child during the learning process.

We often use the analogy of a car when discussing your children’s development.

What happens when one of the car’s four tires is under or over inflated?

The idea in our analogy is that each tire represents one of the four main components of development: emotional, social, physical and intellectual development. You have to monitor the tire pressure in all four tires closely because when one is out of balance, you are likely to experience a bumpy ride.

This year, in Lower School our focus is on developing the whole child — Every Raven, Every Day.

This means we are going to help your children grow socially. We will help them explore the impact of their actions and words so they can have healthy and positive relationships with their peers and the adults in our community. We will help them grow in their ability to be communicative, collaborative and culturally inclusive.

It means we are going to be working with your children on their emotional intelligence. We will empower them to name their emotions, understand what causes different emotions, and help them grow their capacity to regulate their emotions so they are helpful and productive.

It means we will be supporting their physical development and prioritizing their health and wellness. We will be providing time and space for movement, mindfulness and learning related to the physical needs of their bodies.

And, it means we will deliver an academic program that fosters their intellectual growth — a curriculum that is rigorous and relevant, and one that will challenge them to think critically and encourage them engage authentically.  

We have an awesome opportunity to partner with the educators who will be doing this work most intimately with our children, our Lower School teachers.

We encourage you to build relationships with as many of these talented educators as possible because we know these relationships will be critical to our children’s joy and success this year.

Thank you for partnering with us on this journey for Every Raven, Every Day.

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