Thank you to all the teachers who submitted these stories and to all the students who made them possible!  Keep leading yourself, leading with others, and changing our world!


Most students approach the science lab with such excitement that there is some degree of stomping across the wooden deck leading to the door as they walk (or sometimes run) to get inside.  Mr. Knox always knows when the next class is arriving!  Last week, Mrs. Dubose’s Pre-Kindergarten class came to science and they were the quietest class Mr. Knox has had all year.  He didn’t know when they arrived until he went out the door thinking he’d just wait for them out on the deck.  The students found their seats on the rug silently, and everyone had a fine time exploring magnets and geometric shapes.  When time was up, they cleaned up quickly, quietly, and lined up silently.  They all received a Lead From Here sticker for their self-awareness and respectful behavior.



Each day when Kameron Carden comes into the classroom, he is ready to work hard and lead himself. He is always accountable for himself and his actions. Kameron is a true friend to all and he notices when someone needs help or just needs a hug. He is thoughtful, kind, and considerate to all. Thank you, Kameron for spreading joy to our Kindergarten community!


First Grade

Wesley Wu and Brandon Pacca were growth-minded during a recent STEM challenge when they had to achieve a goal. Their task was to build a bridge using popsicle sticks that could hold the weight of twenty small bears. They collaborated and were open to each other’s ideas. Therefore, they were successful in building their bridge. Great job, Wesely and Brandon for demonstrating how to successfully lead with others and for being eager to learn and grow!


Second Grade

During our first STEM challenge, Kaitlyn Scott, Jackson Stansell, Reyna Williams, Marco Martinez, and Joy Cimino demonstrated the importance of being collaborative to achieve a common goal. These second graders were charged with building the tallest tower using tiny cups in only twenty minutes. They shared their ideas with each other, listened thoughtfully, and encouraged one another when their tower toppled to the ground several times. As a result, they completed their tower in less than fifteen minutes and were all smiles. Way to go TEAM!


Third Grade

Omar Khan always steps up to be a community leader and communicates what he and his classmates are working on in class when Mrs. Baccus comes to visit Lower School with prospective families. Last week he stopped what he was doing in Mrs. Karpowitz’s art class to explain the water color resist paintings they were working on. It is so helpful to have a student explain what they are learning in such vivid detail. Thank you, Omar for being communicative and sharing your learning with others.


Fourth Grade

Fourth graders are being very resourceful as they work together in small groups to research natural resources in North Carolina. They are using resources in our newly designed Winston Library and online to discover more about their chosen topics. It will be very exciting to learn more about pigs, emeralds, hydroelectric dams, nuclear power plants, and much more when they share their projects with fellow fourth graders!


Fifth Grade

Every year we have the opportunity to submit six students into an audition process for the North Carolina Elementary Honors Chorus.  Among all the entries in the state, typically 175-200 students are chosen to represent all the schools in a wonderful concert performed in Winston Salem, NC in November.  Thanks to their dedication and responsibility, we had six students audition.  These students started preparing the audition piece in August before school even started.  We received the results and are to proud to announce that Emma Idler, Olivia Rivera, Claire Dillon, and Hannah Morgan, will be representing Ravenscroft as members of the North Carolina Honors Chorus.  


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