A community is defined as a unified body of individuals.

There are many different types of communities, and it is the mission, vision, and values of each group that unifies the individuals in the community.

The Ravenscroft community is connected and guided by our shared passion and commitment to nurturing our children’s individual potential and preparing them to thrive in a complex and interdependent world.

Each member of our community is unique, and we certainly have our fair share of differences.  However, at our core, we are a group of people who care deeply about the joy and success of our children, and we have a strong desire to be citizen leaders that impact the world in positive ways.

Our shared passion and commitment is the foundation on which our community has been built, and it is our active engagement and investment in building relationships with each other that will ensure our community is happy, healthy, and achieving at a high level of excellence.

It is important that students, faculty and staff, and families make time to connect with each other in order to establish a sense of true belonging in our community.

Our Lower School students have an opportunity every day to do this important work during their Morning Meetings. Classroom communities gather together to greet each other, share joys and concerns, and engage in an energizer to start their day. These meetings set the tone for the day, encourage relationships built on trust and open communication, and support students’ social and emotional growth. This time spent investing in relationships and actively engaging in community connections is why our Lower School is considered a learning community and not just a school.

Our Lower School teachers also prioritize and value opportunities to collaborate and connect with their colleagues as much as possible. Every week, grade-level teams gather as a Professional Learning Community (PLC) and engage in collective inquiry and conversations about teaching and learning. These community meetings allow teachers time to grow as educators and position them to better understand and meet the needs of the students in their classrooms. This time invested in faculty growth and development is why our Lower School community is unique: the teachers are learners, too!

It is important that our families feel as connected to our community as our students, faculty, and staff do. A strong and positive home/school partnership is essential for our children to experience joy and success. In order for our families to feel known and connected to our community, we prioritize creating opportunities where families can share their stories and learn about those of others.

Some exciting community events in the next few weeks that will provide opportunities for Lower School families to engage and invest in our relationships include:

  • Bingo Night

Saturday, January 20, 6:00-8:00 p.m., Dining Hall

Bring your own dinner. Bingo and prizes provided by Ravenscroft and the Parents’ Association. RSVP

  • Community Conversation

Monday, January 22, 8:15-9:30 a.m., Winston Library

A conversation about cultivating a learning environment that positions every Raven to thrive. RSVP

  • STEM+ Night

Thursday, February 15, 6:30-8:00 p.m., Dining Hall

Lower School is partnering with the Engineering Place at NC State to offer a night of STEM challenges.

  • Cultural Festival

Friday, March 2, 3-7 p.m., Finley Center

Different cultures and countries will be celebrated through art, music, dancing, food, and sharing of traditions.

  • Dinner and Movie Night

Saturday, March 20, time is TBD, and location is Dining Hall and Jones Theatre


“True belonging is not passive.” — Brené Brown

Being part of a community is the first step. Getting involved, sharing your authentic self, and being willing to positively engage with other community members is when you move from just showing up to finding true belonging in a community.

Our hope is that Every Raven, Every Day finds true belonging in our community and joins the movement to change our world.


This post was inspired by Brené Brown’s book Braving the Wilderness, which our Lower School Team Leaders are currently reading and discussing as a community.


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