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Early Readers to Lifelong Leaders

This is a guest post written by Ruth Thomas, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist and Chelsey Watkins, Assistant Head of Lower School Why is a quality EARLY childhood education so important to literacy?   Ravenscroft’s partnership with the Center For Creative Leadership took root from the recognition that businesses are...
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A Summer Reading Plan- Guest Post by Ruth Thomas

There are never enough summer days to read all the good books that have been written. However, the power to choose what to read motivates everyone to read more. Gershwin’s aria, Summertime, in the well-known opera, Porgy and Bess, affirms that the “livin’ is easy” during this season. Not...
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Literacy in Lower School

I walk into a Kindergarten writing workshop and multiple students immediately try to get my attention and plead with me to read the books they have written and just published.  As I pull up next to these young writers, I read books about birthday parties, climbing trees, and learning...
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My Stacks of Books

Read daily, explore a variety of genres and topics, and choose quality, “just right” books that will help you learn and grow as a reader and person. These are the messages we pass onto our Lower School students each day, and it only makes sense that as the Head...
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