Meaning of Thanksgiving

I will be speaking at morning chapel attended by Upper and Middle School students, and I wanted to share with all of you what I plan to share with them about my perspective on the meaning of Thanksgiving. We recently asked our fifth graders to write about what Thanksgiving...
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Are We Grading What Matters?

What does a successful Ravenscroft graduate look like ten years later?  At one of our recent Division Meetings led by a representative from the Center for Creative Leadership, the Lower School faculty was asked to describe their vision of a successful Ravenscroft graduate.  There were common themes that emerged...
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Settling In and Setting Goals

The cool fall weather brings a sense of relief for many reasons, but for an educator, it signals that October is finally here and with it a time that allows teachers and students a chance to settle in and set goals. Classroom routines and expectations have been established, everyone...
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Learning Through Loss

Why does it often take an unfortunate experience in our lives to make us pause long enough to reflect on important life lessons?  My stepfather recently passed away to an illness he had been battling for a little over a year, and as my family and I have been...
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Importance of One-on-One Connections

As I looked around the waiting room in the doctor’s office, the other patients all appeared to be suffering from the same illness; we all were coughing, blowing our noses, and had an look on our faces. We were all sick and waiting patiently to be seen by our...
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Lower School Highlights

Pete The Cat Makes An Impact

Many of you have been asking, “How is the year going?”  “Are you enjoying your new position?”  After spending the last two weeks visiting almost all the pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade classes and reading the children’s book Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, I must admit I...
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Lower Goals 2011-2012

Last week, one of our fifth graders shared her hopes and dreams for the year. This week I want to share with you our Lower School faculty goals for the 2011-2012 school year. Ravenscroft Lower School Goals 2011-2012 Relationships and Connections Continue to build and strengthen relationships with students,...
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