Week of September 18, 2017


Go, Play, Save Fundraiser ends this Tuesday, September 19th. Please remember to return the envelope with either payment orders or the coupon book.


  • Tuesday, September 19: Last day for Go, Play, Save Fundraiser
  • Thursday, September 21: Rosh Hashanah begins – no homework will be assigned
  • September 15 – October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month


Language Arts

  • Building our reading stamina by setting reading goals and increasing the volume of our reading
  • Increasing our reading fluency by quickly recognizing and scooping up sight words in order to read in longer phrases
  • Retelling the order of events in a story in order to help us develop our reading comprehension skills
  • Using strategies to tackle “tricky” words
  • Studying the craft of mentor authors in order to write meaningful narrative stories
  • Using senses to add greater detail to writing
  • Crafting powerful endings to narratives
  • Making sure writing sounds right and makes sense
  • Setting goals for writing time
  • Using a capital letter at the beginning of every sentence and a punctuation mark at the end of the sentence


  • Comparing numbers, money amounts, and subtraction/additions model using greater than, less than and equal symbols
  • Exploring base-10 blocks
  • Counting collections of $100, $10, and $1 bills to extend understanding of place value
  • Writing and solving addition number stories


  • Identifying the six different types of simple machines (wheel and axle, lever, screw, wedge, pulley, and inclined plane)

Social Studies

  • Lead From Here lessons (citizen-leaders and being ethical)


Second graders have started off their new year in science lab with an exploration of simple machines, the basic building blocks of all complex tools and machinery.  Most students are very familiar with LEGOs and we use them to create models of levers, wheels & axles, and pulleys.  Starting with levers, students learn to follow simple plans to build models- pry bar, pliers, and wheel barrow, and we compare the model to the real items. Students also have the opportunity to create works of their own design.  Where can your student find more examples of levers around home?

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