Week of October 2nd


School pictures will be coming home today with your child. Makeup Picture Day is Wednesday, October 4th. If your child was absent on Picture Day or you would like your child to retake his/her photo, then he/she will be able to take their picture on Wednesday.

One of our goals as citizen-leaders is to be culturally inclusive. Our second graders explored Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur by listening to Mrs. Schultz read stories and share about their family traditions. A huge thank you to Mrs. Schultz for sharing and helping us grow in our ability to lead with others.


  • Wednesday, October 4th- Lower School Photo Makeup Day
  • Monday, October 9th- Fall Holiday: No School


Language Arts

  • Using multiple strategies at one time to figure out tricky words such as making a good guess based on the context of the story and then cross-checking by looking at the print on the page
  • Noticing common beginnings and endings of words that can be read quickly to help us figure out longer, trickier words
  • Paying attention to vowel teams in the middle of words and thinking about the variety of sounds a vowel team might make to help us read tricky words
  • Revising our writing in order to create a particular effect on readers
  • Using books as resources to help us identify strong craft moves that we can try out in our own writing
  • Trying out craft moves that we learn from mentor authors in order to make our writing more powerful
  • Incorporating adjectives into our writing in order to appeal to readers senses and create powerful imagery in readers minds


  • Using near-doubles facts to solve addition problems
  • Exploring the turn-around rule for addition
  • Writing subtraction number stories and investigating the turn-around rule as it relates to subtraction
  • Solving open response problems and explaining our thinking in written form about math


  • Identifying the six different types of simple machines (wheel and axle, lever, screw, wedge, pulley, and inclined plane)

Social Studies

  • Exploring and role playing scenarios where ethical choices are made through a Lead From Here launch lesson centered around the competency ethical in the Leading With Others portion of our Citizen-Leader Framework


Second graders have had their second LEGO lesson continuing with levers and adding a wheel and axle to the mix. Their goal is a model of a car’s windshield wiper, and a greater understanding of how models help us to better understand real systems. Take a look at your car’s windshield wipers and how they work. Can you see the motor that powers them, or is it hidden?
Hello Parents!  We are preparing for two special performances coming up in November, Veteran’s Day and Special Friend’s Day.  Below you will find links to my blog that include music for your child to learn for both event.  Before you know it, Holiday sharing music will be up soon too!  Be on the lookout for that also!
Veteran’s Day –
Special Friend’s Day –
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