Week of October 9th


We look forward to seeing our students again on Tuesday, October 10th and to hearing about their long weekend experiences. Our second grade citizen-leaders will have an opportunity to show their school spirit all week in many fun and exciting ways! This week is Spirit Week for the entire Ravenscroft community, and each day has a special theme. All of this wonderful school spirit leads up to the Ravenscroft Homecoming football game on Friday night.

The 2017 Raleigh International Festival will take place this year on Friday, Oct 20-22. It is going to be fantastic! What a great way for  families to enjoy, celebrate, and embrace the cultural diversity that makes up our great city. Think about wearing Ravenscroft attire to show our spirit and our support of this exciting festival.


  • Monday, October 9th- Fall Holiday: No School
  • Tuesday, October 10th – Green and Gold Spirit Day
  • Wednesday, October 11th – Pajama Spirit Day
  • Thursday, October 12th – Wacky Tacky Spirit Day
  • Friday, October 13th – Pink Out Spirit Day; Pep Rally (12:5-1:40); Homecoming Dinner (5-7 pm, Campus Green)


Language Arts

  • Using precise, beautiful language to convey just the right feeling (we will brainstorm strong synonyms for ordinary words such as mad and strive to use richer words such as angry, furious, or enraged)
  • Empowering children to independently learn and study craft moves from any author at any time by teaching them how to study a beloved story on their own and how to notice and name the craft moves that they love in the story
  • Noticing the words and language choices of authors (figurative language -alliteration, personification, sounds, repetition/lists, descriptive words)
  • Revising narratives to include precise and specific language
  • Utilizing writing partners as editing partners
  • Noticing the ways that authors make the parts of a story click together
  • Studying various patterns and specific spelling principles


  • Writing subtraction number stories and investigating the turn-around rule as it relates to subtraction
  • Solving open response problems and explaining our thinking in written form about math
  • Deciding how to improve and revise addition and subtraction number stories, drawings, number models, and explanations
  • Exploring a variety of mathematical tools and organizational formats for addition and subtraction
  • Generating equivalent names for numbers


  • Identifying the six different types of simple machines (wheel and axle, lever, screw, wedge, pulley, and inclined plane)

Social Studies

  • Discussing the importance of citizenship within communities
  • Identifying the characteristics of rural, suburban, and urban communities


Hello Parents!  We are preparing for two special performances coming up in November, Veteran’s Day and Special Friend’s Day.  Below you will find links to my blog that include music for your child to learn for both event.  Before you know it, Holiday sharing music will be up soon too!  Be on the lookout for that also!
Veteran’s Day –
Special Friend’s Day –
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