Week of December 4th


We enjoyed welcoming your sweet children back to school and hearing about all their Thanksgiving adventures. It was an exciting week in second grade and we are enthusiastic about all of our upcoming learning experiences.

Our inspirational Girls on the Run team will be racing next Saturday, December 9th at the Reindeer Romp 5K. Please click here for more information and join us as we cheer them on and celebrate their accomplishments!

As we prepare for the week ahead please remember that there will be a poem due next Tuesday, December 5th. The theme is favorite food with a minimum of 4 lines. Students need to practice their poem daily so they are prepared to recite it on Friday, December 8th .


  • Tuesday, December 5th: 2nd & 3rd Grade Strings Concert (6:30-7:15 p.m., Jones Theatre)
  • Wednesday, December 6th: 2nd Grade Gala Mask Making (10-11 a.m.)


Language Arts

  • Noticing and utilizing text features in our reading in order to help us figure out key words
  • Using context to build knowledge of unknown words and asking questions to understand keywords such as, What is this word similar to?
  • Solving unfamiliar words by using strategic and flexible thinking
  • Rereading our nonfiction texts to sound like “experts” about a topic
  • Incorporating text features within our nonfiction writing to help our audience gain more information about a topic
  • Rereading and revising our drafts to increase the amount of specific information (facts) to help others learn more about our topics
  • Including effective leads that grab the reader’s attention and crafting effective concluding statements within our nonfiction writing
  • Reviewing and practicing the rules for using apostrophes


  • Distinguishing between A.M. and P.M. times
  • Discussing place value and representing 3-digit numbers using base-10 blocks and expanded form notation
  • Using place value and expanded form to compare 3-digit numbers
  • Using Base-10 blocks to make sense of  3-digit numbers and trading; when needed


  • Conducting experiments to explore force (a push or pull) and the role friction plays on the force of an object
  • Exploring what it means for an object to be at rest
  • Analyzing how much force is needed to move objects across a variety of surfaces

Social Studies

  • Engaging in a Lead From Here lesson to explore the Leading With Others competency of communicative
  • Understanding how government services add value to our communities
  • Exploring how governments establish order, provide security, and create laws to manage conflict


Science Lab

Second grade students have finished their pocket sundials.  Be sure to get a lesson in how sundials work!  Our next focus will be force and motion- using balance scales, and magnetic forces.


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