Week of March 26th


On Monday, March 26th, we will have a special and unique opportunity to engage in a Skype interview with two well-known and published authors, Carole Boston Weatherford and James Ransome. We have been studying their books throughout our reading unit this quarter and have been noticing the ways these authors use literary language in their books. The students will get a chance to ask these authors some questions in this interview. We are looking forward to learning from these two well-respected authors.

The Funny Tummy presentations have been rescheduled for Monday and Tuesday of this week. Please check the P.E. Update at the bottom of the blog post for each classes’ swimming schedule. Ms. Crawford’s class begins swimming this week.

There will be no poem this week due to the preparation for the musical performance. Students should continue to refine and polish their speaking part for the upcoming musical. Encourage your child to practice saying their part with expression and enthusiasm. In preparation for the second grade musical performance on April 3rd, a field trip and two music rehearsals are scheduled this week.

This week will be the exciting “kick-off” to our biography unit of study! We will begin an immersion into many interesting and influential peoples’ lives. In working on fourth quarter’s biography project, our lessons will include a cross-curricular study in reading, writing, social studies, art, and technology. Students will draw upon the skills they learned throughout our nonfiction reading unit to read across many different biographies about their historical figure. They will pay close attention to the similar information across these books in order to determine the most important information. The biography unit of study will culminate with our Time Machine production in May.


  • Monday, March 26th-Wednesday, March 28th – Rescheduled SAFEChild “Funny Tummy Feelings” presentations for 1st and 2nd graders
  • Monday, March 26th  – Tree Talk (9:45-10:30)    Skype interview with authors ( 12:45-1:15)
  • Wednesday, March 28th – Music Field Trip to Brookdale Retirement Center ( 1:00-2:30)3
  • Thursday, March 29th – Musical rehearsal (9:00-9:50)    Chapel (10:00-10:30)
  • Friday, March 30th – Musical rehearsal (8:15-9:00)
  • Saturday, March 31st – Report Cards available
  • Monday, April 2nd – Musical rehearsal (9:30-10:30)
  • Tuesday, April 3rd – MUSICAL PERFORMANCE (8:30-9:30 am) AND (6:30-7:30 pm)
  • Wednesday, April 4th – 1/2 Day  -X DAY – Students dismiss at 11:45 – Parent/Teacher Conferences from (1:00-5:00)


Language Arts

  • Selecting topics from a personal list of strong opinions to write persuasive papers
  • Using a graphic organizer in order to structure our persuasive writing piece
  • Supporting our opinions with multiple reasons and pieces of evidence in order to convince our audience
  • Practicing and reinforcing reading nonfiction skills learned in previous units
  • Identifying nonfiction text features in biographies – specifically reading a variety of timelines
  • Gathering factual information by taking notes while reading
  • Reviewing and practicing spelling patterns and principles
  • Studying spelling Fsorts for a test this week


  • Continued practice with partial sums and use the Partial-Sums Method for addition
  • Solving two-digit subtraction problems
  • Finding missing addends to make multiples of 10 (ex: 3+__=10;  51+__=70)
  • Applying place value concepts and addition properties to solve number stories


  • Exploring the relationship between sound and the ear
  • Identifying the parts of the ear (outer/inner ear, pinna, eardrum, hammer, stirrup, anvil, and cochlea)

Social Studies

  • Identifying and classifying resources as either renewable or nonrenewable


PE Update:

Swim PE will begin in a few weeks. Each class will have an opportunity to engage in a two week swim unit with Coach Warren. Students should bring a swimsuit and towel in a separate bag on the assigned dates (see below). Goggle are recommended, but not required. Students will also probably want to bring flip flops or sandals for changing in the locker room and walking onto the pool deck.

  • Crawford’s Class: March 26-April 6
  • Lane’s Class: April 16- April 27
  • Coffey’s Class: April 30-May 10

Art Update:

Read more about your child’s artwork featured in this year’s Kusama-inspired art show  in Mrs. Karpowitz’s blog, Ravens heART. And remember our first annual Gallery Reception will be 4/4, 12:30-4:30! Because #ravensheartart.

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