Week of April 2nd


This week we will have one last rehearsal for our Musical and then two performances on Tuesday, April 3rd (one in the morning for LS students as well as a performance in the evening for our families). Our students will also continue studying biographies and learning about a variety of influential people. They will visit the library to participate in Exploration Stations with Mrs. O and Ms. Harkey. During this time, the students will rank their top influential people and each homeroom teacher will assign everyone a person for Time Machine. Please look inside your child’s homework folder next Thursday, April 5th for information about Time Machine (a cover letter detailing our unit, project suggestions, and your child’s part). An electronic version of this information will also be available on our blog by clicking on the Time Machine 2018 tab at the top of the page (this link will be live on April 5th). This information will also be updated as we progress through fourth quarter.

Please check the P.E. Update at the bottom of the blog post for each classes’ swimming schedule. Ms. Crawford’s class will continue swimming this week.

There will be no poem this week due to our upcoming Musical and conferences. Students should continue to refine and polish their speaking part. Encourage your child to practice saying their part with expression and enthusiasm.

If you have a need (or desire) to meet with your child’s teacher for a third quarter conference, please sign up through Veracross. If you would prefer to schedule your conference another day contact your child’s homeroom teacher. To discuss how to best position your child for success in third grade, please plan to schedule your conference in May. Thank you for your continued partnership!


  • Saturday, March 31st – Report Cards available
  • Monday, April 2nd – Musical rehearsal (9:30-10:30)
  • Tuesday, April 3rd – MUSICAL PERFORMANCE (8:30-9:30 am) AND (6:30-7:30 pm) in Jone’s Theatre
  • Wednesday, April 4th (X Day) – 1/2 day (students dismiss at 11:45) – Parent/Teacher Conferences from (1:00-5:00) and Behind the Scenes at Ravenscroft (6:00-7:30 p.m., LTC Main Library)
  • Thursday, April 5th – Parents Association Meeting (8-9:30 a.m., LTC)
  • Monday, April 9thFriday, April 13th – Spring Break (no school for students and faculty)
  • Monday, April 13th – Classes Resume (Day 7)


Language Arts

  • Revising our opinion papers by including transition words (and phrases) to support the organization of our writing
  • Restating our opinions in the conclusion to help the audience understand our argument
  • Editing our writing by applying spelling patterns and consulting resources (peers, Quick Word book, and/or a Dictionary)
  • Learning about the genre of biographies by comparing and contrasting how they are organized
  • Continued exploration of nonfiction text features within biographies
  • Synthesizing and paraphrasing information by taking notes during reading
  • Studying a variety of biographies (both print and digital). Please explore more about Information Literacy and Research at Ravenscroft by clicking here.
  • Participating in Exploration Stations in Winston Library to study influential figures and rank our top selections
  • Reviewing and practicing taught spelling patterns and principles (new sorts will be distributed on Wednesday, April 18th)


  • Finding differences between 2-digit numbers and multiples of ten
  • Applying place-value concepts and properties of addition to solve an open response problem with four addends
  • Solving addition problems with three or more addends


  • Concluding our unit on Sound with our Build a Band STEM+ project
  • Constructing an instrument using a variety of materials and their understanding of how sound is made

Social Studies

  • Identifying and classifying resources in our community (and around campus) as renewable or nonrenewable


PE Update:

Each class will have an opportunity to engage in a two week swim unit with Coach Warren. Students should bring a swimsuit and towel in a separate bag on the assigned dates (see below). Goggles are recommended, but not required. Students will also probably want to bring flip flops or sandals for changing in the locker room and walking onto the pool deck.

  • Crawford’s Class: March 26-April 6
  • Lane’s Class: April 16- April 27
  • Coffey’s Class: April 30-May 10

Art Update:

Read more about your child’s artwork featured in this year’s Kusama-inspired art show  in Mrs. Karpowitz’s blog, Ravens heART. And remember our first annual Gallery Reception will be 4/4, 12:30-4:30! Because #ravensheartart.

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