Week of September 17th


We hope that everyone stayed safe during Hurricane Florence! We are very excited to resume our school week with everyone safely back at Ravenscroft. Per the initial communication sent about the school closing prior to the storm, please continue to monitor and check your email and the website throughout the day regarding when school will resume this week.

This week, students will receive their first spelling sort. Students will practice words that all have a spelling pattern or principle in common. In class, they will practice sorting these words based on these common patterns. Students will receive a new sort every day 1 and we will do a spelling check on day 8 to assess them on their progress with these patterns and principles. A copy of the spelling sort will be sent home on day 1 so that students can practice their sort at home and so that you are aware of the words that your child will be practicing in class.


  • Monday, September 17th– Swim PE begins for Crawford’s class (Students should bring a swimsuit and towel. Goggles are highly recommended.)
  • Wednesday, September 19th– Last day for Go, Play, Save Fundraiser (Please return either the coupon book if you do not wish to purchase it, or money for the number of books you wish to purchase).
  • Friday, September 21st– Fall Fan Day


Language Arts

  • Drawing upon all we know about decoding strategies to help us figure out tricky words
  • Using more than one decoding strategy at a time to figure out tricky words by utilizing meaning first to make a good guess and then using the print to cross-check
  • Noticing beginnings and endings of words that can be read quickly, easily, and in a snap
  • Writing with a particular intent in mind in order to create an effect and make readers connect with that feeling
  • Studying craft moves that our favorite authors use and writing in a way that emulates those moves
  • Choosing powerful nouns and verbs to create strong, complete sentences
  • Practicing spelling patterns and principles with individualized spelling sorts


  • Counting money and bills in order to determine total values
  • Grouping by ones, tens, and hundreds
  • Making exchanges using money (example: ten, $1’s for a $10 and ten, $10’s for a $100)
  • Creating and solving addition number stories


  • Identifying the six different types of simple machines (wheel, axle, lever, screw, wedge, pulley)

Social Studies

  • Geography (maps and globes)
  • We will begin a collaborative geography unit of study and partner with Mrs. Zeblo and Mrs. Ortolano in the library to learn about The Super 3 research model. Students will be conducting research about a continent with their classmates and will use this research model to locate reliable information and cite their sources.


PE Update:

2nd Graders have had a nice start to the year in PE.  Ms. Lane’s class has enjoyed participating in the swim unit, where they enjoyed working on their swim skills and playing in the pool.  Ms. Crawford’s class will be the next group to swim and they also enjoyed participating in a variety of Adventure Education Challenges, including mastering the nearly impossible “Flying Saucer” with the parachute!!  Mrs. Beaver’s class worked on their throwing and catching skills and applied those skills to game play. We are enjoying a great start with our 2nd graders and the quick progress they are making so far this year.

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