Week of October 8th


We look forward to seeing our students again on Tuesday, October 9th and hearing about their long weekend experiences.


  • Monday, October 8th- Fall Holiday: No School
  • Mrs. Bever’s class swims through October 15
  • Saturday, October 13 Fall Festival/Fall Roundup

Language Arts

  • Using precise, beautiful language to convey just the right feeling (we will brainstorm strong synonyms for ordinary words such as mad and strive to use richer words such as angry, furious, or enraged)
  • Empowering children to independently learn and study craft moves from any author at any time by teaching them how to study a beloved story on their own and how to notice and name the craft moves that they love in the story
  • Noticing the words and language choices of authors (figurative language -alliteration, personification, sounds, repetition/lists, descriptive words)
  • Revising narratives to include precise and specific language
  • Noticing the ways that authors make the parts of a story click together
  • Studying various patterns and specific spelling principles


  • Identify odd and even numbers and write number models to express odd and even numbers as sums.
  • Recognizing equivalent names for numbers and using name-collection boxes.
  • Using a variety of  strategies to add numbers together


  • Identifying the six different types of simple machines (wheel and axle, lever, screw, wedge, pulley, and inclined plane)

Social Studies

  • Discussing the importance of citizenship within communities
  • Identifying the characteristics of rural, suburban, and urban communities


Hello!  I wanted to write to give you helpful information on how students can practice music for upcoming performances throughout the year at home.  I make sure to update the LS General Music Blog frequently with what is going on in the music classroom (especially before performances.) Music can typically be found on the blog and you can quickly find the music by clicking on your child’s grade level on the left side tab menu of the music blog.
This year I have already included music for LS Veterans Day (November 9th at 8:15AM in the LS Gym)
and LS Grandparents/Special Friends Day. (November 20th at 1PM in the Finley Center)
You also have the opportunity to subscribe to the LS General Music blog by looking for the subscribe button on the lower right side of the screen.
Please let me know if you have any questions!  The links to the blogs will also be added to the grade level blogs this week. Thanks so much and I have had a blast working with your child/children so far in LS General Music!
Please click on the link to read the Spanish Newsletter.
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