Week of October 15th


Tomorrow is Fall Festival! We hope that you enjoy this spirited Ravenscroft event with your families. This is an exciting and memorable event held within our community and is sure to provide fun for the whole family!


  • Saturday, October 13th- Fall Festival
  • Mrs. Bever’s class swims through October 15
  • Friday, October 19th- Teacher Work Day (no school for students)


Language Arts

  • Connecting our reading to our writing by noticing the powerful craft moves that our favorite authors use and trying to emulate these moves in our own writing in ways that make sense
  • Revising our writing not only for standard conventions, but also for the way our writing sounds in order to incorporate specific and precise language (example: using synonyms for common words such as happy and replacing such a word with a stronger word choice that is better suited the mood of the moment)
  • Noticing the ways that authors make stories connect together from beginning, to the middle, to the end
  • Thinking about how the parts of stories fit together and what lessons the author wanted the readers to take away from these stories
  • Studying spelling patterns and principles through individualized word sorts
  • Using capital letters as the first letter in proper nouns


  • Solving “frames and arrows” problems by applying a certain addition or subtraction rule to a set of numbers and finding the next numbers in a sequence based on this rule.
  • Applying our knowledge of addition strategies in order to solve more complex word problems
  • Explaining our thinking about mathematical problem solving in order to write explanations about how we solved a problem


  • Identifying the six different types of simple machines (wheel and axle, lever, screw, wedge, pulley, and inclined plane)
  • Discovering how simple machines make work easier

Social Studies

  • Lead From Here lesson to introduce the competency collaboration
  • Using map skills to locate places on a map
  • Identifying the four oceans


Update from PE:

2nd graders are just about to wrap up their unit rotations in PE for Quarter 1 and are getting ready to enjoy some large group activities over the next week.  We are pleased with all the progress they have made throughout the beginning of the year. Quarter 2 promises to bring more exciting units, as the students will enjoy working on their fitness, keeping their bodies and minds healthy, and improving their striking skills.   As the weather continues to trend toward cooler mornings, we ask that the students come prepared for some classes to be held outside.  If they bring a coat or sweater, it is helpful if they are labeled so that we may be able to return them if they are accidentally left behind in PE.

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