Week of December 10


Brrr…What a difference a day can make in our weather! Please check the weather forecast so that your child comes to school with the appropriate outer wear for recess.

Lower School is buzzing with excitement! The upcoming weeks will be quite busy and filled with many exciting activities! See our calendar reminders for important upcoming events.

As we prepare for the week ahead please remember that there will be a poem due next Tuesday, December 11th. The theme is “sweet treats” with a minimum of 4 lines. Students need to practice their poem daily so they are prepared to recite it on Friday, December 14th .


  • Tuesday, December 11th:  Holiday Chapel (10:10-11:00 a.m., Finley Center Main Arena-chapel attire)
  • Wednesday, December 19th: Second Grade Holiday Luncheon/Celebration 11:15-12:00  and rehearsal for LS Holiday Sharing
  • Thursday, December 20th:  LS Holiday Sharing (10:00-11:00 Finley Center) X DAY – EARLY DISMISSAL (11:45 a.m.)


Language Arts

  • Partnering with Winston Library to investigate research methods and resources used for writing nonfiction
  • Incorporating text features within our nonfiction writing to help our audience gain more information about a topic
  • Rereading and revising our drafts to increase the amount of specific information (facts) to help others learn more about our topics
  • Including effective leads that grab the reader’s attention and crafting effective concluding statements within our nonfiction writing
  • Reviewing and practicing with 3 letter blends and suffix rules
  • Using context to build knowledge of unknown words and asking questions to understand keywords such as, What is this word similar to?
  • Rereading our nonfiction texts to sound like “experts” about a topic


  • Discussing place value and representing 3-digit numbers using base-10 blocks and expanded form notation
  • Using Base-10 blocks to model addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers
  • Measuring with U.S. Customary and Metric systems such as a foot, inches, and centimeters


  • Conducting experiments to explore force (a push or pull) and the role friction plays on the force of an object
  • Developing specific vocabulary used in discussing force and motion
  • Analyzing how much force is needed to move objects across a variety of surfaces

Social Studies

  • Exploring community jobs and services with attention to the value added to our communities
  • Identifying key community members and how community helpers make communities a better place to live
  • Understanding how government services add value to our communities
  • Exploring how governments establish order, provide security, and create laws to manage conflict



2nd graders have enjoyed rotating through three units during the 2nd quarter.  These units include Introduction to Fitness Activities, Striking, and a Manipulatives.  In the fitness activities unit students are participating in a variety of cardiovascular strength and endurance, muscular strength and flexibility activities.  In the striking unit students have been working on the striking a variety of balls, puck, and balloons using paddles, pillo polo sticks, and noodles. In a manipulatives unit, students have been participating in a variety of activities related to hand-eye coordination using paddles and balls, jump ropes, yarn balls, and bean bags.

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