Week of February 25th


Welcome back! We hope that everyone enjoyed a restful, healthy, and relaxing Winter Break. We cannot wait to see your children on Monday and hear about all of their Winter Break adventures. We are excited to get back into our school routines this week!

Poetry will resume this week. There was an omission on the poetry theme tab that has now been corrected. The theme for this week’s poem is a March themed poem which may include kites, wind, and shamrocks. Poem line length this week will remain at 8 lines. Students should turn in a copy of the poem to their teacher on Tuesday, February 26th. Students will recite their poem on Friday, March 1st. Students will be required to start reciting poems of 12 lines next week.

A special note from the Parent’s Association:

We would love for you to be a part of the Parents’ Association for next year! Join us as we make friendships and create amazing experiences for our children. Sign up here.


  • Monday, February 25th: Classes resume (Day 4)


Language Arts

  • Writing persuasive letters with a specific audience in mind and angling our writing towards our readers as if we are talking to them
  • Writing stronger and more convincing letters by writing our opinions about more than just one part of the book
  • Paying attention to the small details in books in order to grow new ideas and generate more writing for our persuasive letters about our reading
  • Recognizing and understanding why authors use literary language (comparisons, invented words, and figurative language) in their books
  • Understanding the use of comparisons in our books by combining our knowledge of both things being compared and how they’re alike
  • Noticing when authors use language in creative ways and understanding what the author is really saying as they play around with words.
  • Reading texts with the “just-right” pace
  • Recognizing and using irregular past tense verbs in our writing
  • Reviewing and practicing spelling patterns and principles.


  • Solving number stories that involve change-to-more situations where a certain value is being added on
  • Solving number stories that involve parts-and-total diagrams where a certain value must be determined
  • Introducing different strategies for adding multi-digit numbers
  • Using picture graphs and bar graphs to represent a set of data


  • Conducting experiments to explore sound and hearing
  • Investigating what makes sound and how sound waves travel

Social Studies

  • Reflecting on our role as citizen-leaders and considering what our role is in preserving the environment
  • Studying ways that we can protect our physical environment


Spanish Update: Please click the link below to view the most recent Spanish newsletter.

Spanish Newsletter

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