Weekly Update – March 18th


As third quarter comes to a close, our students continue to learn and grow along with friends. The students have been busy writing notes about the many kindnesses they have observed and experienced.

Some of our time in the upcoming week will be dedicated to practicing for the  second grade musical. The students so enjoy their songs and are getting very excited about being on stage for the two performances on Wednesday, March 20th! The teachers look forward to sharing this amazing production with you.

There will be no poem this week.  Students should continue to refine and polish their speaking part for the upcoming musical. Encourage your child to practice saying their part with expression and enthusiasm.

Calling all STEM+ Innovators! Please continue to send in any of the items listed on the letter that went home in the Tuesday folder. All classes still need a plethora of supplies in order to create our next project for the sound unit. Take a look around the house for any of  these items.

There will be no school for students on Friday, March 22nd so that teachers may work on writing report card comments.

Winston Librarians will be hosting a Time Machine Boot Camp for 2nd grade families interested in learning more about how to support their student during this upcoming biography project. We will be discussing Ravenscroft’s research model, how to access our electronic and print resources, and answering any questions you may have!  Please join us Thursday, March 28 from 8:00-8:30 AM or 2:30-3:00 PM in Winston Library. We hope to see you there!


2nd Grade Musical Rehearsal Times (It is important that children are on time and present for each of these rehearsals).

  • March 18, 2019 – Day 3 – 9:05-10:05

  • March 19, 2019 – Day 4 – 12:00-1:00

  •  March 20th – 2nd Grade Musical (8:30 AM and 6:30 PM) Performances

  • March 22, 2019 – Teacher Workday – no school for students

  • March 28, 2019 – Time Machine Boot Camp – (8:00-8:30 AM and 2:30-3:00 PM)


Language Arts

  • Generating a list of topics we are passionate about and could write a persuasive review to convince an audience of our opinion
  • Using a graphic organizer in order to structure our persuasive writing piece
  • Adding extras to our writing to create extra meaning
  • Supporting our opinions with multiple reasons and pieces of evidence in order to convince our audience.
  • Attending to the use of conventions in mentor texts and getting creative with conventions in our own writing
  • Using strategies, such as sticky notes for important parts or to keep track of different characters, to tackle confusing parts in stories
  • Reading as a writer by focusing on special language
  • Setting goals for our own reading
  • Practicing spelling patterns and principles


  • Reviewing how we manipulate base-10 blocks to find partial sums and use the Partial-Sums Method for addition
  • Manipulating base-10 blocks to solve two-digit subtraction problems
  • Inventing strategies to help us solve two-digit subtraction problems


  • Conducting experiments to explore sound and hearing
  • Investigating what makes sound and how sound waves travel

Social Studies

  • Reflecting on our role as citizen-leaders and considering what our role is in preserving the environment
  • Understanding how animals adapt to their environment
  • Collaborating with a peer partner and our librarians to research endangered animals and understand what is causing these animals to become endangered


PE Update:

Students are working hard as we wind down Quarter 3.  Below you will find a brief description of the units they will be participating in during Quarter 4.

During Quarter 4 in PE, students will continue to develop and enhance basic manipulative skills such as throwing and catching, kicking, and jump roping.  Several lessons will be devoted to fitness activities, helping improve upper body strength, lateral movement, and agility. Students will enjoy a variety of games and large group cooperative activities, including parachute, obstacle course, scooters, and relays, focusing on implementing skills and strategies based around Lead from Here competencies. During the second half of the quarter, students will have an opportunity to go to the pool and work on streamlining, rhythmic breathing, and using the proper kick and arm movement for freestyle and backstroke. Information regarding swim times will be sent out in early April.





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