Week of April 22


Thank you to all the parents who helped with our Spring Breakfast. The students had a wonderful time and enjoyed a delicious breakfast.

We hope that you will have a restful week and come back geared up for an exciting spring in second grade!

On Tuesday, April 23, Lower School students will “Mix It Up” during lunch within their own grade levels and at normal lunch time. Students will be asked to bring a lunch from home on this day and eat in grade level classrooms.


  • Monday, April  22nd (day 5 )- Classes resume
  • Tuesday, April 23rd – Mix it Up Lunch
  • Thursday, April 25th- X Day for Special Olympics (Ravenscroft will host this event and we will attend the Opening Ceremonies to cheer on the athletes.)
  • Friday, May 17 – Time Machine 9:00 am


It is an exciting time in second grade as we have begun our biography unit. Our lessons will include a cross-curricular study in reading, writing, social studies, art, and technology. The students are so excited to be reading and  learning information about the person they chose to research for our culminating Time Machine production. Information about the Time Machine can also be viewed under the tab at the top of this blog, for specific expectations at school and at home for this Time Machine project.


We are excited about the opportunity for your child to write a speaking part that tells about the life and legacy of the person he/she has chosen to study in the biography unit. An information packet with details and the expectations were given out at Parent Conferences. If you didn’t receive, please view the Time Machine tab link at the top of the blog. 

  • Introduction/Hook (minimum of 2 sentences) will be homework for Monday, April 22nd
  • Early Life (minimum of 2 sentences) will be homework for Tuesday, April 23rd
  • Major Accomplishments (minimum of 3 sentences) will be homework for Wednesday, April 24th
  • Conclusion (minimum of 1 sentence) will be homework for Thursday, April 25th

The complete part (minimum of 8 sentences) must be typed and submitted to your child’s teacher by Friday, April 26, 2019 (may be sent electronically).

Language Arts

  • Determining important information about a historical figure by reading a variety of biographical resources
  • Noticing information that occurs across multiple biographies about a historical figure and determining its importance related to the life of that person
  • Synthesizing the important information that was read in these biographies and categorizing this information into the following groups: Personal Life, Accomplishments, and Connections to our Lead From Here Framework
  • Partnering with our librarians to refine our research, note-taking, and source citing skills
  • Practicing spelling sorts – April 26 is spelling test


  • Continued practice with solving addition problems with three or more addends
  • Measuring with US Customary length units (including a fun Measurement Olympiad)
  • Determining and selecting appropriate units and tools to estimate and measure lengths (US Customary and metric)
  • Collecting and recording data


  • Studying and reading about life cycles of many different animals
  • Observing life cycles of ladybugs and butterflies within each classroom community
  • Writing observations in journals and listing “wonderings” about the processes and changes occuring

Social Studies

  • Researching the accomplishments of important historical figures and determining how they have changed our world
  • Determining how the historical figures we are researching have had a positive impact on others
  • Using Lead From Here Framework and associated language to discuss Time Machine individual – how they were/are a Citizen Leader



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