Week of April 29th


We have had busy week resuming our normal routines as we came back from Spring Break, refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for the final stretch of second grade!

We will not have a poem this week. Students should practice their whole Time Machine speaking part throughout this week. All students will practice reciting their part on Friday.


  • Thursday, May 2– Field Trip to the Museum of Natural Sciences
    • We will tour the museum and attend a Life Cycles class to connect to our science unit.
    • Students and teachers will ride on the Ravenscroft buses. We will depart school at 9:00 and return by 1:30.
    • All students must bring a disposable lunch. We will eat lunch on the field trip.
    • Students are encouraged to wear a Ravenscroft shirt.
  • Friday, May 3– 2nd and 3rd Grade Private Lessons Recital
    • All students will attend this event. Students who do not participate in private lessons will enjoy the performance as audience members.
  • Friday, May 10- Time Machine projects are due to your child’s homeroom teacher
  • Friday, May 17 – Time Machine 9:00 am in your child’s classroom


It is an exciting time in second grade as we have begun our biography unit. Our lessons will include a cross-curricular study in reading, writing, social studies, art, and technology. The students are so excited to be reading and learning information about the person they chose to research for our culminating Time Machine production. Information about the Time Machine can also be viewed under the tab at the top of this blog, for specific expectations at school and at home for this Time Machine project.

Language Arts

  • Synthesizing the important information that was read in these biographies and categorizing this information into the following groups: Personal Life, Accomplishments, and Connections to our Lead From Here Framework
  • Writing biographies about our influential people using the notes we gathered during the research process
  • Drafting engaging introductions, accomplishments, and personal life sections of our biographies
  • Integrating technology to create a timeline that highlights the important life events of our historical figures
  • Drawing a portrait representation of our historical figures
  • Reviewing our new spelling sorts (new lists will come home on Monday)


  • Collecting and recording data in tally charts and line plots (we will measure jump distances and arm spans)
  • Describing the attributes of 2-dimensional shapes
  • Building and comparing various polygons and their characteristics (such as the number of straight sides and angles)
  • Drawing different quadrilaterals with varying attributes


  • Studying and reading about life cycles of many different animals
  • Observing life cycles of ladybugs and mealworms within each classroom community
    • We will have new ladybug larvae in our rooms on Monday morning! Most of our mealworms entered the pup stage this week. We look forward to watching them emerge as darkling beetles!
  • Writing observations in journals and listing “wonderings” about the processes and changes occurring

Social Studies

  • Researching the accomplishments of important historical figures and determining how they have changed our world
  • Determining how the historical figures we are researching have had a positive impact on others
  • Using Lead From Here Framework and associated language to discuss Time Machine individual – how they were/are a Citizen Leader
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