Week of May 20th


Time Machine 2019 is officially a wrap! We could not be more proud of the 2nd graders and all of the efforts they put into every piece of this project. The performance was a huge success and we could not let the day end without also thanking you all as the parents who helped behind the scenes. Thank you for helping your child prepare for the performance. Thank you to those of you that helped with the reception. Weeks of hard work came together in a masterful way today. The students should enter this weekend feeling so proud of their accomplishments!

We will return to poetry for one final week and recitation. This weekś theme is a ¨teacher theme¨with a minimum of 12 lines. Students should turn in a copy of their poem on Tuesday, May 21st and be prepared to recite their poem on Friday, May 24th.

Parents’ Association School Supplies for Lower School students
Rising 3rd – 8th graders will need to purchase school supplies for the 2019/2020 school year. The Parents’ Association has created School Supply Kits to order online in one convenient box. Supplies will be delivered to your child on the first day of school. So easy! You can order supplies May 3- June 30.
School Supply Sale for 2019-2020 (Rising Grades 3-8)
PreK-2nd grade will utilize community supplies provided by Ravenscroft.


  • Tuesday, May 21st- All School Memorial Day Gathering- students are encouraged to wear red, white, and blue
  • Thursday, May 23rd – Lower School Field Day – Please view the link to the information from the PE Department
    • Students are encouraged to wear a shirt that matches their team color.
    • Bever: Gold
    • Crawford: Green
    • Lane: Green
    • It is supposed to be sunny and warm on Thursday. Please put sunscreen on your child before school. They may also bring a hat and sunglasses. A water bottle is also encouraged. Please be sure to label the water bottle with your child’s name so that if it gets left behind at a station, we can easily return it to its proper owner.
  • Monday, May 27th – Memorial Day holiday – no school
  • Friday, May 31st– X Day; 2nd Grade ¨Pool Party¨ for PE time
    • All students should bring a swimsuit and towel. Goggles are optional.
  • Friday, May 31st  – Moving Up Day – students will visit the third grade teachers in the morning and EARLY RELEASE  for L/S at 11:45


Language Arts

  • Writing poetry in different forms
  • Seeing the world in fresh, unusual ways through a poet’s lense
  • Listening for line breaks in our poems in order to make our words look right and sound right
  • Reviewing reading comprehension strategies that we have learned throughout the year by responding to our reading through our writing
  • Reflecting on the growth we have made as readers
  • Reviewing spelling patterns and principles (our last spelling check  of the year will be on Tuesday, May 21st)


  • Sorting and comparing 3-D shapes according to their attributes
  • Using manipulatives to partition rectangles into same-size squares
  • Using strategies to solve number stories about equal groups and arrays


  • Continuing to read and study about life cycles of many different animals
  • Comparing and contrasting  the life cycles of animals within a group  (ex) – ladybug compared/contrasted to dragonfly

Social Studies

  • Reviewing LFH competencies we learned throughout this year in preparation for third grade


Each class will have an opportunity to engage in a week-long swim unit with Coach Warren. Students should bring a swimsuit and towel in a separate bag on the assigned dates (see below). Goggles are recommended, but not required. Students will also probably want to bring flip flops or sandals for changing in the locker room and walking onto the pool deck.

Lane: May 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th

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