Report Cards

Reading your Second Grade report card:
With report cards available through the Veracross Parent Portal, we thought it would be helpful to share a few notes with you about grades.


Academics – The bottom half of the report card:

1 = Not Meeting Expectations – indicates that your child demonstrates an inadequate understanding, and additional time and support are consistently needed from the teacher.

2 =Approaching Expectations – indicates that your child demonstrates a partial understanding, but inconsistently applies his/her knowledge at an independent level. The student requires additional time and support from the teacher to apply his/her knowledge at a proficient level.

3 = Meeting Expectations – indicates that your child is meeting expectations by demonstrating a secure understanding and consistently applies his/her knowledge, independently and at a proficient level.

4 = Exceeding Expectations – indicates that your child not only demonstrates superior understanding, but consistently applies his/her knowledge, independently, at an exceptional level.

Please, strongly resist the urge to equate a letter grade (A – D/F) with our numeral (1 – 4) grading scale. These numerals are not grades in the traditional sense. Instead, the numbers indicate what your child may need to work on or practice in the following quarter. Ideally, a report card would contain all 3’s. However, if your child receives a 1 or a 2, please keep in mind that the number reflects your child’s understanding of the curriculum presented in that particular quarter. Conversely, a child who earns a 3 or 4 in an area this quarter may drop to a 2 or 1 in another quarter. Grades may go up and/or down throughout the year based upon the work they have completed and behaviors observed during each individual quarter.

In reading the above language that describes a 4, you will understand that 4’s are not easy to achieve. For example, your child might answer every question correctly on assessments but not earn a 4 in that subject. A child with a 4 must have consistently demonstrated superior knowledge independently at an exceptional level through the quarter. This child routinely goes above and beyond what is expected without any prompting from his/her teacher. Not having 4’s on a report card is in no way an indication that your child is not a very bright and capable child!


Work/Study Habits and Social Developments – The top half of the report card:

Typically, students do not receive grades higher than a 3 in these areas because we feel students either choose to follow the rules or they do not. For example, students are expected to always listen respectfully to teachers and other students. There simply is not a way to go “above and beyond” the expected listening. Thus, if students are good listeners in class, they receive a 3 on their report card because they, indeed, meet the class/school requirement.

Likewise, in areas of Social Development, students are fully expected to meet the requirements of being a good citizen in the classroom, which is closely tied into our school’s honor code and our CCL initiatives. If students are good citizens, they “meet” the requirement and receive a 3.

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