Weekly Update


Posted by Tracy Rogers | Posted in Ravenscroft Third Grade | Posted on May 19, 2017

Important Dates:

Wednesday, May 24 – Memorial Day Gathering

Thursday the 25th is Field Day – ask your son/daughter what color they are wearing. Please remember to wear sunscreen and bring a water bottle to school for that afternoon.

Friday, May 26 – Read-In

Tuesday the 30th is the zoo trip rain or shine. We will leave at 8 and return at 5. Please dress for the weather and email your homeroom teacher if you will not be able to come. Student will need to bring a lunch, a water bottle, and two snacks for the bus.

Wednesday the 31st is our end of year party. We will have lunch and Kona Ice for our third graders. Please bring a towel to school for the picnic.  No need to pack a lunch or a snack for that day.

Thursday, June 1 – Last Day ….11:45 dismissal

*Please return all library books

What a wonderful blizzard of fun these past two weeks have been…and it’s not over! We hope you enjoy the pictures and memories from Community Day, Moonlight Math, and the Recorder Concert.

Moonlight Math!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help in planning and implementing Moonlight Math!! This evening was so much fun and such a great success! Here are a few pics from the night!





Recorder and Boomwackers Concert 

What a wonderful performance last night! We are so proud of our third graders! We hope you enjoyed the show!


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Weekly Update 5/5/17


Posted by Michelle Schulze | Posted in Ravenscroft Third Grade | Posted on May 5, 2017


Important Dates for Next Week:

Monday, May 8th (Day 6) @ 8:30 Private Lesson Recital

Friday, May 12th (X Day) all day Moonlight Math

First of all thank you for all of the appreciation this week. You made your third grade teachers feel so extra special. We are all feeling a bit shocked by the fact that it is officially the last month of school and we will be saying goodbye in a few short weeks! Despite all of the extra activities and extra love that make us feel that it’s all over, we still have a lot of learning going on.


Language Arts:

The students are enjoying reading, discussing, and reflecting on new novels with their book clubs. Now would be a great time to have your rising 4th grader decide on a few titles they want to read over the summer and make a plan. In book clubs they take a blank calendar and decide on a reasonable number of pages or chapters to read each day. This is a nice way for them to hold themselves accountable for reading every day and finishing books in a timely manner so that comprehension doesn’t slip away. You may even decide to have a family book club so that everyone can enjoy the summer reading together. Our rising 4th graders are also busy writing fractured fairy tales. Ask them about the classic that they have chosen to twist and think of some fun ways to alter another as they will have two drafts to choose from to write and illustrate a final original “Happily Ever After.”



The students are studying geometry. It is a fun unit, but it contains a lot of vocabulary. The best way to support this at home is to point out the geometry terms that you see in your home and around town. Do you notice interesting regular and irregular polygons, intersecting and parallel lines, acute, obtuse, and right angles, symmetry…?  There is a really nice connection between this math unit and our current science unit on construction. 


A message from Mr. Knox in the Science Lab…

We are now into third graders construction unit.  We’ve started with the strong shape of the arch.  Students have made a five-piece arch model out of cardstock.  They’ve learned how to use a ballpoint pen to score along a line for precise folding.  When we finish, we’re going to try testing some of them to see how many pennies one can hold.  Next we’ll be making a one-piece origami arch.


A message from our Moonlight Math Decorations Committee…


Join the fun for Moonlight Math!  You can do this in 5 ways:

1- Please send in some recyclable materials to school on Monday. The third graders will be doing a STEM + activity and creating sea creatures out of recyclables and art supplies. These creatures will be used for decorations. You do not need to buy anything or prepare an idea for this. Just have your son/daughter walk around the house looking for odds and ends that have potential to be reused and transformed! Glitter, glue, paint etc. would be great too.

2 – Wear a scuba costume for the event!  To see the look, Google “DIY scuba costume adult” (due to image rights, not included here…)  You can make your own (super easy!).   Or we can provide you with the tanks and flippers and you provide a mask/goggles and black shirt + pants or wetsuit 🙂

3 – Come on Thursday, May 11th to help install the secret project.

4 – Come on Friday, May 12th to help transform the L/S into an underwater wonder world.

5- Stay after and help clean up! Very much appreciated.



Here is the signup: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050c48ada9292-were/
Contact Laura (laura.e.kalorin@gmail.com) or Danette (danc74@hotmail.com) with questions.

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Week of April 24 – 28, 2017


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While 1/2 of the third grade went to Carowinds , the rest of us went on a nature walk to collect natural materials to create insects (a STEM activity)





Reading Workshop – Our third graders have and will continue to enjoy revisiting classic fairy tales     during our workshop meetings.  We will soon begin Book Clubs after the students make their choice of a realistic fiction selection.  


Writing Workshop – As the third graders are exposed to the elements of fairy tales, they will begin to learn how fractured fairy tales are created.  The students will begin to write their own fractured fairy tale by changing an element of a classic story.

Math –  Our third graders have finished up the decimal unit this week and will have an assessment early next week.  The next unit of study will be geometry.


  Important Dates


Tuesday, May 2 – Garden Concert ( Third graders should all bring their lunch and drink as we enjoy the concert.) 


Friday, May 12 – Moonlight Math


Thursday, May 18 – Recorder Concert ( 8:30 a.m. for lower school students and 6:30 p.m.                       for  parents)


Monday, May 22 – Zoo – 8:00 – 5:00 (If you volunteered to chaperone for the zoo trip which is               rescheduled, please let your teacher know if you are still available to chaperone on  May 22.)


Thursday, May 25 – Field Day


Wednesday, May 31 – Class Luncheon – Pizza and Kona Ice will be provided.  Please let your teacher   know if you would be willing to volunteer to help during the luncheon, send in  fruit, veggies, water bottles, or napkins.




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Week of April 17 – 21


Posted by Tracy Rogers | Posted in Ravenscroft Third Grade | Posted on April 21, 2017

Curriculum Updates

Reading/Writing/Science – Animals, animals, animals! The high interest science topic of animals is integrated into our reading and writing instruction! Students have applied their skills of how to effectively read and comprehend a nonfiction text to become experts on an animal of their choice! Third graders have taken the information they learned and created a Google Slideshow Presentation utilizing their paraphrasing skills. They are so excited to share their hard work with an audience! Students are impressing everyone with their presentation skills, as well! They have learned the importance of speaking clearly, making eye contact with the audience, and to use the slideshow as notes rather than just reading right from the screen.Thank you to all of those parents that came to support Mrs. Rogers’ class today as they presented. Mrs. Simpson’s and Mrs. Schulze’s parents are in for a treat next week when they get to watch their kids present!


Math – Students have been learning all about really large and really small numbers. Students are learning what the decimal point means, and relating decimals to fractional parts of a whole. Third graders are also working on problems involving money as a real world application of decimals. We will explore where else decimals are found within our lives next week!

Keep practicing those multiplication and division facts! Third graders are expected to know all of their facts fluently by the end of the year. 


Important Dates
Thursday, April 27

8:00 – Schulze and Simpson Animal Presentations 

8:15 – Lower School Community Conversation (Nurturing a Positive Sense of Self and Fostering Strong Relationships with Peers)

May 25 – Field Day


Information from around the School

From Mrs. Hobbs – Please take time to read the latest post on Hobbs’ Highlights that provides a summary of our recent Identity Day and includes a very special video: Identity Day 2017.

From P.E. – 3rd graders are having a blast in PE during the 4th quarter.  They are currently rotating through three units:  Swimming, Soccer and Track and Field.  In the swim unit they are having a lot of fun and also working on stroke development, building endurance, and treading water.  During the soccer unit students are working on ball handling and passing skills and small group game activities.  In the track and field unit students are gaining instruction and participating in a variety of events.

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Weekly Update March 20 – 24


Posted by Tracy Rogers | Posted in Ravenscroft Third Grade | Posted on March 26, 2017

We have wrapped up our third quarter, and are ready to begin our last quarter of the year!! Our third graders are so close to becoming fourth graders! We can’t wait to have a great fourth quarter filled with lots of learning and fun!


Students have started diving into their research on their animal! We have all spent time learning how to navigate the websites on the Lower School Splash Page, and are ready to become experts on our animals! Mrs. Harkey worked with all third graders on paraphrasing information and how to organize this information into logical sections. Students will be using both print and digital resources for this unit of study. Third graders will learn how to take notes, organize these notes into a Google Slide Show, and share this information with an audience. We can’t wait to share all that we have learned after Spring Break. Students will also showcase their at home projects that they should currently be working on at this time!


Students took their assessment on our data unit this week, and we will begin our unit on very large and very small numbers. This unit will focus on place value from the millions place to the thousandths place. We will focus on understanding the value of the numbers within each place on either side of the decimal point. Students should continue practicing their multiplication and division facts, as well. It is expected that students can quickly recall these facts by the end of the third grade so they are prepared for fourth grade math!

Important Dates

March 29 – Market Items Due

March 30 – Third and Fourth Grade Market

Vertebrates Assessment

March 31 – Identity Day

April 5 – Parent/Teacher Conferences

April 6 – Field Trip to the Zoo

April 7 – Chapel (Chapel Attire Required)

April 17 – At Home Animal Projects Due

April 21 – Animal Presentations


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Week of March 13-17, 2017


Posted by Denise Simpson | Posted in Ravenscroft Third Grade | Posted on March 20, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Important Dates


Friday, March 24 – Teacher Workday – No school for students


Thursday, March 30 – 3rd./4th. grade Market (8:15-10:15)


Friday, March 31 – Identity Day (more information will come home in blue folders)


Thursday, April 6 – Zoo (8:00-5:00)


Friday, May 12 –  Moonlight Math (Please get in touch with Susan Eichler or Tracey Zola to get involved with this very memorable experience)


 Note in the Pocket News


March 16th-28th Lower school students are collecting coins and bills for the 2nd annual Ravenscroft Coin Challenge benefiting Note in the Pocket, a local charity that provides clothing to impoverished and homeless children in Wake County.  Last year our Lower School efforts raised over 4,000.00 for Note in the Pocket.  Students can bring in any change and bills and donate to their grade’s money jug located in the front hall or in their class center.  Totals for each grade will be announced on the last day and the winning grade will get a dress down day!! Thank you for helping us change the world one coin at a time.  The lower school student council is collecting new or gently used clothes for Note in the Pocket.




CTP IV – We had testing each morning last week for approximately 2 hours.  Our students did a wonderful job staying focused on the importance of doing their best job each day as they completed their tests, and we appreciate our parents getting their children to school on time each day!  Thank you.


Reading and Writing Workshops – We are moving forward with our reading and writing nonfiction. The students have chosen their animals for our big research and writing nonfiction project.  Ms. Harkey, our librarian, is working closely with us to teach research skills and to help the students as they begin to collect information about their animals.  The final project will be a google slide presentation.


Math – The students have been introduced to crating bar, line, and pictographs to display data that has been collected.  We are moving onto identifying ordered pairs, and then plotting points on a coordinate grid. 


Congratulations to 2 of our Third Grade Girls



   Gia Giambruno and Elle Warner were presented with State Writing Competition Awards by the Raleigh-Wake Reading Association on Saturday, March 18 at the Raleigh Convention Center.

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Weekly Update 3/11/17


Posted by Michelle Schulze | Posted in Ravenscroft Third Grade | Posted on March 12, 2017

weavingReading and Writing

Nonfiction text is written primarily so that we read to learn. The author’s purpose is to inform the reader about real topics. We are devouring nonfiction texts and writing about a variety of subjects. Some of them include, how to play hockey, a guide to running, Thailand , and all about Golden Retrievers! We have also been finishing up our business plan writing in Social Studies and have begun our animal unit of study in science. The children are enjoying learning and sharing within this genre. 


We’ve continued our unit on data collection and analysis. Students have been studying the different types of graphs and which designs suit particular data studies. Along with line plots, line graphs and bar graphs we practiced finding the range, median, mode and mean of a set of data.  A wide range of concepts in geometry were reviewed in order to prepare for next week’s CTP IV test.  Exposure to decimals and their relationship to fractions, measurement, and money, were also among the concepts taught in our test prep lessons. 


We have been teaching a lot of valuable test taking tips and providing opportunities to practice at school. We want children to be familiar with the types of questions that they will have to answer on the CTP4.   IXL Language Arts and freerice.com contain great skill builders in grammar and vocabulary that provide a fun and beneficial way to practice at home. Please make sure that your child gets a good night sleep each night and that they have a healthy breakfast before coming to school. Please make sure that your child  arrives on time to school each morning as testing begins right after morning announcements. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Foreign Language Week

This week we celebrated foreign Language Week and invited our community members to LS to share the message of how important learning another language can be. We can learn so much from one another as we strive to be communicative with all cultures.

Lead From Here

Lower School held another fun tree talk on Thursday to talk about the competencies of resilience. Look for opportunities at home to refer to how important it is to F.A.I.L..it is the First Attempt In Learning. 


313-3/17 CTP IV Testing

3/24 Teacher Workday

3/30 3rd/4th Grade Market **Please note the date change. It will be held on Thursday instead of Friday. All craft items can be brought into school anytime before Wednesday the 29th.  The picture above is an example of the weaving student have been doing during our Spanish Inclusion classes. These will also be for sale at the market.

3/31 Identity Day

4/6 Field Trip to the Zoo

5/12 Moonlight Math  Please contact Susan Eichler and Tracey Zola to find out how you can volunteer and be involved in this exciting event.


Enjoy a few choice pics of creativity on the playground and in the classroom.










Would you like to win $500 for Ravenscroft?


If the answer is yes, then Girls on the Run can help! This year, each participant that registers for the Girls on the Run Spring 5k on April 29th will be able to select a Girls on the Run team to support, and the team with the most participants in the 5k wins $500 for their location! It’s that easy! Community members, parents, runners, walkers–anyone that registers for the 5k can choose a team and if our team has the most participants, we win $500! Here’s the link to register for the 5k:



Come join our Lower School girls and celebrate their accomplishments. Run with us and spread the joy in being healthy and positive physically and mentally.

With GOTR Spirit,

Coach Schulze, Coach Zinn, Coach K and Ravenscroft Girls on the Run!

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Weeks of February 13-28, 2017


Posted by Denise Simpson | Posted in Ravenscroft Third Grade | Posted on February 28, 2017

Welcome Back from Winter Break 



A Message from the St. Baldrick’s Foundation


Since 2010, the Upper School students have hosted an event on behalf of St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise awareness for childhood cancer. Participants in St. Baldrick’s events show solidarity with children fighting cancer by shaving their heads. Leading up to the events, shavees collect donations from family and friends to support the foundation. This will be the 7th year for the Ravenscroft Team, which has helped raise over $350,000 for childhood cancer. Anyone can sign up to shave their head or raise money—no matter how young. Girls who do not feel comfortable shaving their head can instead donate 8 inches of their hair through Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a program that makes wigs for cancer patients. If you would like to read more about this worthy cause, simply visit https://www.stbaldricks.org/why-we-exist for more information.

General Event Information:

  • The event is on Saturday, March 11th at Saints and Scholars (909 Spring Forest Rd, Raleigh), less than five minutes away from school.
  • This is a student led, Ravenscroft-centered event (very kid-friendly), though the public is invited.
  • Over 40 Ravenscroft students and faculty have already signed up to shave, cut, or volunteer this year.
  • Women who decide to cut their hair will donate it at the event through Pantene Beautiful Lengths. The hair donated must be at least 8 inches long and cannot be dyed.
  • The shaving begins at 1:00 PM and runs into the early evening. Participants will be receiving more exact “shave times” as a final tally of participants emerges. We are willing to work around conflicts if you simply contact us.

How to Get Involved

If you or your child would like to shave or fundraise, simply:

  • go to https://www.stbaldricks.org/events/saints
  • Click “Join Us”
  • Click “I need to create a new account” to create your profile for the event.
  • Set up your profile. It should prompt you whether you want to join as a shavee, barber, or volunteer. Click shavee if you want to sign up your child to shave/cut their hair, or volunteer if you just want to fundraise.
  • Under the Team section, click “Join Pre-existing Team” and select “Ravenscroft School”
  • Congrats, you are now signed up! From your participation page, you can now view information on the event and make donations via credit card. The St. Baldrick’s website provides a myriad of information about the fundraising process in the “Resource Lounge” that you and your child can read through together.

If you or your child doesn’t feel comfortable shaving or fundraising but still want to support St. Baldrick’s and the rest of the school’s efforts, we would love for you all to show up for the event. It is always lots of fun watching fellow students brave the shave!

 If you have any more questions, feel free to email us:



Thank you and I hope we can make this year the best yet in our quest to cure childhood cancer!

Caroline Vande Berg, St. Baldrick’s Volunteer Event Organizer

Matthew Youngbar, St. Baldrick’s Lower School Representative



 Good News to Share


Congratulations to Gia and Elle


Gia Giambruno ’26 and Elle Warner ’26 recognized as Raleigh-Wake Young Authors, winning at the State Level
Posted 02/17/2017 02:51PM    (To read the complete article, see the Ravenscroft Weekly   http://www.ravenscroft.org/cf_news/view.cfm?newsid=3858)

Gia Giambruno ’26 and Elle Warner ’26 were recognized as Raleigh-Wake Young Authors, winning at the State Level.

Gia and Elle (who received the Council Choice award), along with the other winners from North Carolina, will have their stories published in the 2016-2017 NCRA Book, Step Outside! The judges received almost 600 entries this year, and the entries went through two rigorous rounds of judging.


Important Dates


Friday, March 3 – (8:00-8:20) Parent meeting in Mrs. Taylor’s room concerning Moonlight Math for those who weren’t able to attend meeting before our winter break.

March 13-17 – CTP IV testing 

Friday, March 31 – The Market (8:15-10:15)

Thursday, April 6 – (8:00-5:00)  Trip to the zoo in Asheboro, NC  Please notice the time.  If you are interested in chaperoning for this trip, please let your child’s teacher know. 




Math – We wrapped up our study of fractions before winter break.  The next unit of study involves measurement and data which includes graphs, tables, and charts.  


Reading Workshop –  We are continuing our focus on nonfiction reading and writing.  Our students are enjoying Book Clubs and learning how to prepare for productive book discussions.


Writing Workshop – The first nonfiction writing projects are being completed, and the students are doing a terrific job adding text features to their writing.  We will soon begin the next writing project which will involve choosing an animal and researching.


Social Studies – The students will finish up our economics unit in the next week or so.  The Market has been a main topic of class as we continue to tie supply and demand, goods and services and a business plan to the items the students are creating for our sale.  

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Weekly Update 2/10/17


Posted by Michelle Schulze | Posted in Ravenscroft Third Grade | Posted on February 10, 2017

This week in third grade, students continued to study nonfiction in reading and writing, economics in social studies, and fractions in math. Below is an interesting article that was shared with us recently reinforcing the importance of understanding fractions.


Elementary Fractions Instruction That Leads to Success in Algebra

In this article in Teaching Exceptional Children, Jessica Rodrigues, Nancy Dyson, and Nancy Jordan (University of Delaware) and Nicole Hansen (Fairleigh Dickinson University) say that fraction knowledge is a stronger predictor of students’ eventual mastery of algebra than family income, family level of education, and overall IQ. “Thus,” they say, “bolstering students’ fraction understanding is a critical step in preparing students for algebraic thinking” – and this is especially true of students with special needs.

Why the strong link between understanding fractions in the elementary grades and mastering algebra in middle or high school? “Beyond the frequent presence of fractions in algebraic equations (e.g., ½x = 24),” say the authors, “fraction knowledge and algebraic thinking share important conceptual underpinnings.” The Common Core standards (3OA.B.5) include understanding properties of multiplication and the relationship between multiplication and division, which is important to seeing 4/2 as four groups of ½, two sets of 2/2, or 4 ÷ 2. This kind of fraction knowledge enables students to solve more-advanced problems like 6 = 12y (thinking 12 times ? = 6 or 6/12 = y).

Why do so many elementary students find fractions baffling and frustrating? Rodrigues, Dyson, Jordan, and Hansen say there are three related barriers:

  • Students focusing on the numerator as a counting number and ignoring the denominator;
  • Not grasping how the numerator and denominator work together to determine the magnitude of the fraction;
  • Not understand that fractions are magnitudes that can be represented on a number line.

Students with these misunderstandings, asked to shade in one third of a rectangle divided into six parts, will shade in only one segment. Similarly, if asked to place the fraction ½ on a number line from 0 to 2, they will put it halfway along the line.

The key to overcoming these confusions is introducing number line activities that focus on the relationship of the numerator and denominator and how this relationship determines the magnitude of the fraction. This approach should start as early as third grade, say the authors. To make such activities vivid and understandable to elementary students, they suggest introducing real-world contexts – for example, imagining a race with water stations set up every quarter mile along the course. Thus the fractions would be 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 8/4, 9/4, and so on. Students learn how to mark whole and half miles, move to quarter miles, and then convert fractions larger than one to mixed numbers. (See the full article for visuals and more detail.)

The authors also suggest getting students chorally counting along a fractions number line; using the race course number line to add and subtract fractions by counting forward or backward; and using the number line to do quick mental math game activities such as finding which positions are greater than and less than a whole or than each other. 

“Preparing for Algebra by Building Fraction Sense” by Jessica Rodrigues, Nancy Dyson, Nicole Hansen, and Nancy Jordan in Teaching Exceptional Children, November/December 2016 (Vol. 49, #2, p. 134-141), http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0040059916674326;

We had so much fun this week creating fraction sundaes!







Did you know that our entire school is about to officially kick-off our Jump Rope/Hoops For Heart with the American Heart Association in just a couple of weeks?  Yes, that’s right!  It’s time to go WILD about heart health and save lives.

On Feb 28the American Heart Association will be coming to our campus for our school assembly to help kick off our Jump Rope/Hoops For Heart event. We will learn about how the heart works, how exercise can be fun and how raising money can save lives!

And don’t forget about Gabby! How do you earn GABBY?  Just click on the link below!

Your School Page link:


Any student that raises at least $150.00 online BEFORE the assembly will be honored at the kick off and receive Gabby!

Help us to fund Heart Research!  Ravenscroft can do it!



Third grade’s new animals unit has begun!  We began with a lesson on ants, a type of animal that lives in colonies.  We use a technique called sampling to determine the colony’s size.  A great lesson combining appropriate challenges, both scientifically and mathematically, for this age.  This technique also works for other animals living in a large colony- think termites, birds, etc.  Have you ever heard of a bullet ant!?  Next we’ll move on to trilobites, a common ancestor to many modern animals.



It’s Master Artist season and this year the whole Lower School is learning about Leonardo da Vinci! Visit the Lower School Art blog, Ravens heART to find out more about what we’re learning and discover some great questions you can ask your children about Leonardo. Remember to subscribe so you can receive notifications when a new post is published! #ravensheartart


2/14 Valentines Day – homeroom card exchange and snack  1:20-1:55

2/15 Moonlight Math Parent Meeting – all are invited to attend in Mrs. Schulze’s classroom from 2-2:45

2/6 Market Craft Permission Slips due

2/19 Winter Break

2/27 Welcome Back Mrs. Rogers

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The Week of January 30 – February 3, 2017


Posted by Denise Simpson | Posted in Ravenscroft Third Grade | Posted on February 6, 2017

Upcoming Event


There will be a Pulsera Project going on in our 3rd./4th. grade center each morning this week before school.  Please check out the link below to learn about this very worthy project which will help the people in Nicaragua.  Handmade bracelets and purses made by Nicaraguans will be for sale and the price is $5.00. 





A Message from Mrs. O’Neill


I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!  I am writing to ask you to please encourage your child/children to practice the recorder at home in preparation for each music class.  This is a requirement for the 3rd grade curriculum and a wonderful success when all students actively participate.  We are not just playing the recorder to play the recorder but in preparations for the 3rd grade end of the year Recorder, Boomwhackers, and Rounds concert that is on May 18th.  I understand not all students will get to the black belt, but we started out the unit with a bang and huge excitement and that has quickly decreased because of students not practicing and forgetting recorders.  On average, a class will have at least 4 students who have forgotten to bring their recorder.  Thank you so much for understanding and encouraging our students to lead themselves through this adventure of learning a new instrument.



Important Dates


Friday, February 10Green / Gold Day – Students are invited to dress down and there will be a Pep Rally at 12:45.


Tuesday,  February 14Valentine’s Day ( Each class will celebrate in their rooms at the end of the day. )


Wednesday, February 15 ( 2:00 ) – Moonlight Math Parent meeting in Mrs. Schulze’s room.  All who can attend are invited to learn more about this third grade event that will take place all day and on the evening of May 12th. It is an excellent opportunity to be involved in one of the most memorable and exciting days your child will have in Lower School. Do not worry if you are unable to attend as more information about how you can get involved will be sent home in blue folders and in future communications. ***If you are interested in being a chairperson for this event, please contact your homeroom teacher for more information.


Monday, February 20 – 24 – Winter Break




Math – We have continued with our study of fractions which has included fractions of a set, equivalent fractions, and comparing fractions.  The students have completed many ‘hands on’ activities to reinforce the concept of a fractions.


Reading Workshop – Nonfiction has been the theme of our workshops this week.  The mini-lessons have focused on learning about text features and how they enhance their reading.  We have continued to read nonfiction in Book Clubs, and  the students are learning a variety of jobs as they participate in their club discussions.  Many of the students have become very interested in biographies.


Writing Workshop – Nonfiction writing has also been the theme of our workshops.  The students have chosen a topic that they know something about or are just interested in learning.  They are gathering information for their writing and will soon learn to organize the information into paragraphs with some text features.  When this project is completed, the students will be moving into writing about animals.  All of the third graders are making terrific progress with their cursive handwriting.  All of the third grade teachers are encouraging their students to work on a typing program which will help to improve their keyboarding skills.


Social Studies – We have begun the economics unit in social studies.  The students are learning about goods and services and supply and demand.  Our long range project will involve the children making crafts to sell at a market in March.  Mrs. Schulze and a group of middle schoolers will take our profits to Costa Rica over the spring break to use for service projects. More information will come home in the blue folders next week.

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