Week of November 13th


We enjoyed kicking off our first week of poetry this week! The students worked so hard to speak with expression and enthusiasm. Next week’s poetry theme will be a fall theme with a minimum of 4 lines. Students should turn in a copy of their poem to their teacher on Tuesday. Students will recite their poem on Friday. As students practice their poems at home this week, encourage them to speak slowly, clearly, and with expression!


  • Monday, November 13th- Last day of collection for the Wake Relief Food Drive (2nd grade has been assigned to bring in spaghetti, canned corn, peas, or green beans.)
  • Friday, November 17th– Mix It Up Lunch (All students will need to bring a lunch on this day. Students will eat lunch in the classrooms with other Lower School peers and get to know one another through thoughtful conversations and discussions.)


Language Arts

  • Becoming experts about new and interesting topics
  • Growing our knowledge about nonfiction topics by putting together the details that we read with our own thoughts and asking, “What is this book teaching me?”
  • Previewing all the parts of a book in order to determine what a book will teach us and asking, “How does this book go?”
  • Generating ideas about subjects we are experts on and could write about in order to teach others
  • Using a table of contents page to plan and organize our information books
  • Organizing our writing by chapters with topic-specific information in each section
  • Identifying possessive nouns


  • Finding missing numbers and missing rules by using a table as a visual to solve “What’s My Rule?” problems
  • Using doubles facts to solve subtraction problems
  • Using 10 as an easy number to work with and help us solve subtraction problems (Ex: 15-6 can be broken down into 15-5=10 and subtract one more to get 9.)


  • Conducting experiments to explore force and motion

Social Studies

  • Engaging in a Lead From Here lesson to explore the Leading With Others competency of communicative
  • Understanding how government services add value to our communities
  • Exploring how governments establish order, provide security, and create laws to manage conflict


Science Lab:

Second grade students will be finishing their pocket sundials this week using tools that are simple machines- saw, hinge, screws & screwdriver.  Thanks to all parents who have volunteered to help with this construction project!

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