Week of November 27th


Welcome back! We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that you had an opportunity to relax with family and loved ones. We are excited to see your children back at school and hear all about their Thanksgiving adventures.

As we prepare for the week ahead and transition back into school routines, this blog contains the important information and reminders for the week ahead. Poetry will resume next week. The theme is free choice with a minimum of 4 lines. Students may select any poem, with the theme that they desire.


  • Monday, November 27th: Classes resume


Language Arts

  • Paying close attention to new information in our reading by taking a sneak peek prior to reading
  • Using the topic-specific vocabulary that fits with the subject we are reading about in order to deepen our knowledge
  • Noticing and utilizing text features in our reading in order to help us figure out key words
  • Writing our information books in such a way that they answer important questions such as, Who is this about? When is this? Where is this? What are they doing? How are they doing it?
  • Using connector and transition words and phrases such as for example, most, and some in order to write with clarity and precision
  • Including examples in our writing that support our subtopics and allow us to elaborate on our topics in order to write longer information books
  • Reviewing and practicing the rules for forming plural words


  • Telling time to the nearest hour and half hour
  • Telling time to the nearest five minutes
  • Distinguishing between A.M. and P.M. times
  • Discussing place value and representing 3-digit numbers using base-10 blocks and expanded form notation


  • Conducting experiments to explore force and motion

Social Studies

  • Engaging in a Lead From Here lesson to explore the Leading With Others competency of communicative
  • Understanding how government services add value to our communities
  • Exploring how governments establish order, provide security, and create laws to manage conflict


Congratulations to every. Single. Second grader for learning how to create a loom, warp, and weft in our recent mixed media painting and weaving project, Rainbow Weaving! See all the details of our goal, process and outcome here in Mrs. Karpowitz’s blog, “Ravens heART”. Because #ravensheartart! Remember to subscribe to receive updates as they’re posted!

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