Week of November 12th


Ravenscroft will be participating in the Wake Relief Food Drive, which is sponsored by Student Council. The drive will run from October 31-November 12th. Each grade level is responsible for bringing in certain nonperishable items. 2nd grade has been assigned to bring in spaghetti, canned corn, peas, or green beans.  All of the food collected will be going to the Wake Relief Food Pantry to feed the hungry during the holiday season. The Student Council will deliver the food on the afternoon of November 13th.

Let your imagination grow at the 2018 Ravenscroft Book Fair, Nov 12-16 in Richards Hall Annex.  Make sure you check out the huge selection of new releases and classic favorites. Come with your child during their assigned visit or bring them after school.  Or set up an eWallet so your child can shop cash-free.  Be sure to visit the Library Gift table to purchase a lasting gift to honor your favorite teacher, coach, student or graduate.  Unable to attend? Buy books online Nov. 7-20.  And join us for these fun events:

  • Nov. 13 Books Over Breakfast with free donuts – 7:30-8 am
  • Nov. 14 Family Night and kids PJ party – 5-7 pm Join us for fun activities, prize giveaways, storytime and free milk and cookies.

Thank you to our parents for sending to school the items needed for an upcoming and exciting STEM challenge. We appreciate your help in collecting the needed items.

We look forward to meeting our students’ grandparents and special friends on Tuesday, November 20th.  Please send your child’s teacher an email or note to let  us know how many guests to expect. Thank you!

Upon our return from Thanksgiving vacation, students will embark on an important second grade step, poetry recitation. The first poem of the year will be one with a fall theme. The poem should have a minimum of 4 lines. Students should turn in a typed copy of their poem to their teacher on Tuesday, November 27th. Students will recite their poem to their classmates on Friday, November 30th. As students memorize and practice their poetry, they are encouraged to speak slowly, clearly, and with expression!


  • Week of November 12th-16th: Book Fair- Each class will have a scheduled time to attend the Book Fair. Please mark your calendar for your child’s class’ date and time. You are welcome to come join your child for this time and purchase books. If you are not able to attend at the designated class time, your child can make a wish list during the class visit and you are welcome to come back at another time that week to purchase books. Or, you can also send in money with your child on the day of the class visit. There will be plenty of adult volunteers around to help your child manage this money and make the purchases.
    • Crawford’s Class: Monday, November 12th- 12:45-1:15
    • Lane’s Class: Tuesday, November 13th – 8:15-8:45
    • Bever’s Class: Tuesday, November 13th- 1:45-2:15
  • Tuesday, November 20th: Grandparents and Special Friends Day – 1:00 Main Arena of A.E. Finley Activity Center
  • Wednesday, November 21st: Thanksgiving vacation begins (no school)


Language Arts

  • Becoming experts about new and interesting topics
  • Growing our knowledge about nonfiction topics by putting together the details that we read with our own thoughts and asking, “What is this book teaching me?”
  • Previewing all the parts of a book in order to determine what a book will teach us and asking, “How does this book go?
  • Using the “lingo” of nonfiction books – understanding keywords
  • Using a table of contents page to plan and organize our information books
  • Organizing and writing by chapters with topic-specific information in each section
  • Identifying possessive nouns and pronouns and applying them in our writing
  • Spelling assessment on Wednesday, November 14th (Day 8)


  • Using 10 as an easy number to work with and help us solve subtraction problems (Ex: 15-6 can be broken down into 15-5=10 and subtract one more to get 9.)
  • Solving subtraction number stories
  • Using number lines to help solve problems
  • Reviewing subtraction strategies
  • Exploring rectangles, fact wheels, and coins


  • Building specific vocabulary to use for scientific and information writing (Ex-force, friction, gravity, speed, acceleration, inertia)
  • Conducting activities and challenges that explore force and motion

Social Studies

  • Continuing to study different types of communities
  • Becoming aware of our identity and how it contributes to the community
  • Understanding how government services add value to our communities
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