Week of November 26th


Welcome back! We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that you had an opportunity to relax with family and loved ones. We are excited to see your children back at school and hear all about their Thanksgiving adventures.

This week, upon our return from Thanksgiving vacation, students will embark on an important second grade step, poetry recitation. The first poem of the year will be one with a fall theme. The poem should have a minimum of 4 lines. Students should turn in a typed copy of their poem to their teacher on Tuesday, November 27th. Students will recite their poem to their classmates on Friday, November 30th. As students memorize and practice their poetry, they are encouraged to speak slowly, clearly, and with expression!

Important Reminder:

As we prepare to return to school and embark on the remainder of our second quarter together, we continue to encourage student independence in second grade. This begins with students’ arrival at school in the morning. Please allow your child to walk into school independently. Students will begin their morning routines and their day of learning upon their arrival at school. Parents, please plan to drop your child off at front carpool or back carpool and encourage them to walk into the building independently. 


  • Monday, November 26th– Classes Resume
  • Tuesday, November 27th – Field Trip Yates Mill Park (Please bring a disposable lunch from home with your child’s name on the front)


Language Arts

  • Previewing all the parts of a book in order to determine what a book will teach us and asking, “How does this book go?”
  • Learning and using the vocabulary that is pertinent to understanding a topic in order to grow our knowledge about that subject
  • Using a table of contents page to plan and organize our information books
  • Organizing our writing by chapters with topic-specific information in each section
  • Incorporating nonfiction text features (captions, sidebars, diagrams, etc.) into our writing in order to teach readers about a topic
  • New spelling sorts will be introduced on the next Day 1 this week, Friday, November 30th


  • Telling time to the nearest hour and half hour
  • Telling time to the nearest five minutes
  • Distinguishing between A.M. and P.M. times
  • Discussing place value and representing 3-digit numbers using base-10 blocks and expanded form notation


  • Conducting experiments to explore force and motion

Social Studies

  • Identifying key community members and how community helpers make communities a better place to live
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