Week of Jan. 14


The theme for the week of January 14th is  a 4 lined Martin L. King poem Students should turn in a copy of their poem to their teacher on Tuesday, January 15th. Students will recite their poem on Friday, January 18th.


  • Jumpstart Schedule
    The Lower School Gym will be open each morning until Feb. 15 from 7:45-8 a.m. for the designated grade levels below. This program is designed to get our students energized in order to start their day productively. Thanks to Coach Greg Long for supervising.Monday: First Grade
    Tuesday: Second Grade
    Wednesday: Third Grade
    Thursday: Fourth Grade
    Friday: Fifth Grade


  • Monday, Jan. 14 (Day 6)
    Dress Down for students and faculty/staff in celebration of end of second quarter
  • Friday, January 18-MLK Day of Service and X day
    • We will also have our Day of Service on Friday. All students in all grade levels will be collaborating on a service project that will have an impact on the surrounding community. Second grade students will be making valentines that will be delivered to citizens residing in assisted living facilities. Lower School students will have two community “Tree Talks” during the day.
  • Monday, January 21st: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday- No School
  • Thursday, January 31st: Parent Conferences If you need to meet on a different day, please contact your child’s teacher).

Language Arts

  • Continuing to partner with Winston Library to investigate research methods and resources used for writing nonfiction
  • Taking notes using nonfiction books and online databases and citing our sources
  • Learning about the “Super 3” and engaging in the planning phase of our research projects
  • Rereading and revising our drafts to increase the amount of specific information (facts) to help others learn more about our topics
  • Reviewing, practicing, and writing with spelling patterns
  • Using homophones correctly
  • Noticing and utilizing text features in our reading in order to help us figure out key words
  • Understanding subject specific keywords to enhance our knowledge of a topic


  • Finding coin combinations to pay for items
  • Making change by counting up
  • Making arrays (arrays provide an important model for multiplication)
  • Continuing to practice telling time
  • Exploring geometric shapes


  • Reviewing and finishing our force and motion unit
  • Collaborating and making a plan as students prepare to engage in a STEM challenge to create a tool that will go along with the various community helpers and their careers

Social Studies

  • Reviewing concepts about communities, goods, and services
  • Exploring the characteristics of various community jobs and careers
  • Researching various community helpers and careers
  • Collaborating in teams of 3 or 4 students with the purpose of acquiring knowledge about a specific job or career
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