Week of January 28th


We had an amazing Career Day Gallery Walk! The teachers are incredibly proud of the tremendous work our second graders completed. It was great to see so many parents and special guests in attendance. Our students were very excited to share their knowledge of the careers they researched. Their posters were impressive, and the STEM+ tools creative! Learning to work collaboratively on projects is a tremendous experience for young learners.

Next week, we will have a GROUNDHOG themed poem. The line minimum to 8 lines. Your child should turn in a copy of the poem on Tuesday, January 29th.

If you have not done so, please sign up for a conference time through your Veracross portal. During your conference, childcare for Ravenscroft Lower School students is available in the Lower School Makerspace. We look forward to meeting with you next week.


  • Thursday, January 31st: Parent Conferences- No school for students. If you need to meet on a different day, please contact your child’s teacher.

Language Arts

  • Launching a new writing unit – writing opinion letters about books and using evidence from the text to support those ideas
  • Reviewing the structure of a friendly letter
  • Sharing ideas about characters through writing letters to friends
  • Developing energy for writing with the use of conversation-talk about books within partnerships
  • Looking closely at pictures as a means to develop opinions
  • Reading aloud for improved fluency
  • Understanding the importance of rereading
  • Envisioning a story and matching the voice to what is happening in a text
  • Scooping words into longer phrases and noticing punctuation to make reading smooth
  • Reviewing, practicing, and writing with spelling patterns–spelling assessment on Wednesday, January 30th


  • Mentally adding and subtracting 10 and 100
  • Making arrays and using skip counting of equal addends to quickly identify a total
  • Matching analog clocks with digital notation for continued practice with telling time
  • Using open number lines as a tool for solving number stories
  • Solving number stories with change diagrams and parts-and total diagrams


  • Conducting experiments to explore sound and hearing
  • Investigating what makes sound and how sound waves travel

Social Studies

  • Reflecting on our role as citizen-leaders and considering what our role is in preserving the environment
  • Studying ways that we can protect our physical environment
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