Week of April 1st


On Thursday afternoon from 1:00-3:00, we will attend the 3rd/4th grade Market.  It will be in the gym this year and it is going to be a wonderful event celebrating the 3rd-5th grade economics curriculum and our Lead From Here competencies. The 3rd and 4th graders have been working hard to make hand made goods to sell at this market. The fifth graders will be volunteering as bankers and buddies this year. This event will be for students only. Please send your child with change and small bills. All items being sold will be under $2. All proceeds from this event will go towards helping schools in Costa Rica when 5th grade teacher, Michelle Schulze, takes a group of Middle School volunteer students over Spring Break.

No poem this week due to Parent-Teacher Conference Day on Friday.

This week will be the exciting “kick-off” to our biography unit of study! We will begin an immersion into many interesting and influential peoples’ lives. In working on fourth quarter’s biography project, our lessons will include a cross-curricular study in reading, writing, social studies, art, and technology. Students will draw upon the skills they learned throughout our nonfiction reading unit to read across many different biographies about their historical figure. They will pay close attention to the similar information across these books in order to determine the most important information. This week, will visit the library to participate in Exploration Stations with Mrs. Z and Mrs. O. During this time, the students will rank their top influential people and each homeroom teacher will assign everyone a person for Time Machine. We will communicate this information about Time Machine (including a cover letter detailing our unit, project suggestions, and your child’s part) via your child’s homework folder the week of April 8th. An electronic version of this information will also be available on our blog by clicking on the Time Machine 2019 tab at the top of the page. This information will also be updated as we progress through fourth quarter. The biography unit of study will culminate with our Time Machine production in May.


  • April 5 – Parent/Teacher Conferences (No School) Conference sign-ups are available online. If you need a different day/time, please contact your child’s teacher.
  • April 15-19 – Spring Break


Language Arts

  • Concluding our nonfiction opinion writing piece about our endangered animals and how we can protect them
  • Supporting our opinions with multiple reasons and pieces of evidence in order to convince our audience
  • Practicing and reinforcing reading nonfiction skills learned in previous units
  • Identifying nonfiction text features in biographies – specifically reading a variety of timelines
  • Gathering factual information by taking notes while reading
  • Reviewing and practicing spelling patterns and principles


  • Solving two-digit subtraction problems
  • Finding missing addends to make multiples of 10 (ex: 3+__=10;  51+__=70)
  • Adding three or more numbers together
  • Applying place value concepts and addition properties to solve number stories


  • Introducing our fourth quarter science unit on life cycles
  • Understanding that life cycles are the stages that animals progress through from birth to death

Social Studies

  • Using the notes we have taken to organize the information about endangered animals into a graphic organizer
  • Concluding our nonfiction opinion writing piece about our endangered animals and how we can protect them


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