Week of April 8th


We enjoyed meeting with you during the parent teacher conferences. What remarkable growth we have witnessed this year! It is hard to believe that we are in the fourth quarter of second grade!

Poetry will resume this week. The theme for this week is a spring themed poem. The minimum line requirement is 12 lines. Students should turn in a copy of their poem to their teacher on Tuesday, April 9th. Students will recite their poem on Friday, April 12th.

This week we will continue our immersion into reading about many interesting and influential peoples’ lives. The fourth quarter’s biography project will include a cross-curricular study in reading, writing, social studies, art, and technology. Students will draw upon the skills they learned throughout our nonfiction reading unit to read across many different biographies of famous and historical figures. They will pay close attention to the similar information across these books in order to determine the most important information. Students will rank their top influential people and each homeroom teacher will assign everyone a person for Time Machine.  For the parents that attended the report card conference on Friday, you have an idea about the assigned writing homework and the home project suggestions. We will send this information regarding Time Machine (including a cover letter detailing our unit, project suggestions, and your child’s part) via your child’s homework folder the week of April 8th. An electronic version of this information will also be available on our blog by clicking on the Time Machine 2019 tab at the top of the page. This information will also be updated as we progress through fourth quarter. The biography unit of study will culminate with our Time Machine production in May.


  • April 15-19 – Spring Break


Language Arts

  • Determining important information about a historical figure by reading a variety of biographical resources
  • Noticing information that occurs across multiple biographies about a historical figure and determining its importance related to the life of that person
  • Synthesizing the important information that was read in these biographies and categorizing this information into the following groups: Personal Life, Accomplishments, and
  • Connections to our Lead From Here Framework
  • Partnering with our librarians to refine our research, note-taking, and source citing skill
  • New spelling sorts will be given on Day 1, Tuesday, April 9th


  • Finding differences between 2-digit numbers and multiples of ten
  • Applying place-value concepts and properties of addition to solve an open response problem with four addends
  • Solving addition problems with three or more addend


  • Understanding that life cycles are stages that animals progress through from birth to death
  • Studying the life cycle of mealworms as we maintain and observe them grow in our classroom

Social Studies

  • Researching the accomplishments of important historical figures and determining how they have changed our world


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